How FuzzyCovers got started

Mollie Jacques, RN, Founder of FuzzyCovers, is -- as you might guess -- a grandmother.  She works as a Registered Nurse and over the years, she has seen various medical  accessories come and go. When the need for a comfortable and stylish cover became obvious --and so close to home -- Mollie created the first set of FuzzyCovers. Mollie and Austyn

FuzzyCovers began when Austyn, the 12 year old granddaughter fell and broke her ankle. After using crutches for two days, she came home with chafed and blistered areas under her arms. Since grandmas can fix anything, off they  went to the fabric store to create a remedy for this problem and FuzzyCovers came to life.

The amazing thing, besides solving the painful crutch problem, was the reaction from the other Junior High kids. All of a sudden everyone knew the girl with those bright pink, furry covers on her crutches. Those very crutches were passed around that school to many other kids who temporarily needed crutches. In that junior high, plain old crutches just weren’t cool.



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